Babymoov Cosybag
Babymoov Cosybag
Babymoov Cosybag
Babymoov Cosybag
Babymoov Cosybag

Babymoov Cosybag

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  • Reproduces the feeling of safety and comfort of the mother's womb

  • 3-6 months

  • Simple and quick swaddling in 4 moves

  • Soft and breathable fabrics

  • Material Inside: 100 % cotton, Outside: 100% polyester

  • Color : Tan

  • Size : 3 months

Dreamsac The 1st reassuring wrap-around sleeping bag! Once born your baby needs to feel as reassured and safe as he was in his mum's womb. The Dreamsac which is ideal for helping your baby fall asleep and enjoy peaceful nights. The Dreamsac is very easy to use: 4 steps only to wrap your baby safely! The way to wrap your baby is so simple and ingenious that it is patented! You can use the Dreamsac from 3 months up to 6. Manufactured in breathable and soft fabrics your baby will benefit from an optimal comfort. The Cosybag is machine washable (30). Parents driven innovation Since 1997, Babymoov reinvents the everyday life of parents by providing reliable, highly designed and technologically advanced products driven by parent's input: focus group with mums, meeting with a committee of experts and observation days in our own daycare-nursery Lifetime Warranty: Trust is essential when it comes to baby equipment and Babymoov is committed to offering safe and high quality products and offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products. You have 2 months after the purchase to activate your lifetime warranty on: Features: - 3 to 6 months - Simple: swaddling in 4 moves - Avoids the startle reflex from waking the baby (Moro reflex) - Calms down babies by gently pressing their tummy: easy digestion - Soft and breathable fabrics - - Lifetime Warranty