HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Remote Camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom and 2.4-Inch Color LCD Screen and Night Vision, Temperature Display, Two Way Audio, Long Range

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Product Overview

  • Remote talking and Pan/Tilt/Zoom: The Baby monitor can provide the clear two-way audio conversations. This system allows you to talk to your baby with the sound of your own voice to comfort. The monitor can be adjusted remotely the camera pans up to 355 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 120 degrees up and down. And the zoom can allow you to get a closer view on the image on the screen, makes the image and video vivid to display.

  • Private and Secure Long Range Transmission:Using 2.4GHz transmission , technology, keep the image clear and High resolution. 2.4 color screen. And you can talk to the child unit (Camera), and hear your baby sound within 900ft. So you can observe and talk to your baby wherever (bedroom, garden, yard or kitchen)and talk back promptly to soothe baby when baby cry or upset, comfort baby with Parent voice.

  • Secure Real-Time Sensitivity :The temperature monitoring will immediately alert you, through the digital display on the parent unit, if the climate in your baby's room changes.(Need put the other heat source far away from the baby monitor) It is important to make sure that your baby's room is a comfortable temperature-not too hot or too cold. The monitor will turn off the screen when you setting the Video-Off, it however, you can hear your baby sound or cries for real-time .

  • Smart Transform: Our Baby monitor has the Infrared Night Vision function is Automatic, making the camera provides a clear image. And the monitor can scan when you add 2 to 4 cameras in the home. Two-way talk that you can conversation/comfort with your baby or your family

  • Easy Operation and Quality Guarantee: HelloBaby Baby monitor is very easy to operate, just plug and play. All the function can setting by the monitor (Handle) Playing the Lullaby, Setting Time Alarm, Adjusting Volume&Brightness and temperature monitoring. This Baby monitor product we can provide one-year warranty from the original purchase and the product issue by systematicproblem.

  • Color : Champagne

  • Size : 2.4In-remote Pan-Tilt

HelloBaby Baby Monitor HB248 is the newest model baby monitor. This model monitor has high-quality baby monitoring technology to provide you with peace of mind and excellent user experience. This baby monitor is very easy to operate, only plug and play. Then you can use the baby monitor to monitoring your little one or your elder family or someone needs to take care of whenever. That baby monitor can provide you not only with clear real-time video on the 2.4-inch color screen and audio but also remote control the camera to Pan/Tilt/Zoom by 2.4GHz FHSS Technology. You can adjust the camera to the right angle so that you can have a better angle of view within 900ft.
Even the room is dark or at night, the baby monitor will action night vision when the camera in complete darkness environment, so you will always know what your baby (or someone need take care) is doing. Two-way talk and the Built-in Lullaby feature assists you to comfort your baby by your owner view, or smooth lullabies that your baby fall into sleep.
The HelloBaby baby monitor can monitoring the temperature around the camera, Constantly monitors the temperature in your baby's room and alerts you when it is too hot (over 90F) or too cold (below 55F). And you can setting the temperature alarm value-The highest and lowest values. Allows to ensure your baby stays in a comfort and safe environment at all times. As the same way, you also can setting the alarm to remind you to feed your baby or other things. This model baby monitor can save power by the Video-off, only the audio operate.
Package Included:
1 x Baby Monitor
1 x Parent unit overview
2 x Power adapter
1 x User Manual


(No reviews yet) Write a Review