Raindrops Big Brother Loves Me Embroidered Bib, Pink

Raindrops Big Brother Loves Me Embroidered Bib, Pink

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  • Embroidered My Big Brother Loves me

  • Trimmed with pink binding

  • For girls only

  • Measures 9 across by 11 from top to bottom

  • Machine washable/tumble dry

  • Color : Pink

  • Size : None

Raindrops, My Big Brother Loves me bib is the perfect gift from a new big brother to his new little sister, especially if the big brother is not too thrilled with his new little sister, just yet. It is made from the best 100% cotton velour terry and will absorb all the messes your little one can create. There is no polyester in any of our velour terry, only cotton, and because of this, this top quality bib will absorb all liquids and continue to wear and wash beautifully. This bib can be added to almost any baby outfit or gift and let it say, I Love you . The strawberry binding makes it a girl bib, and there is a sister version, too. Raindrops has been manufacturing top quality, unique baby garments in the USA, since 1936.