Up &Amp; Up Diapers (Size 2 (37 Count) 12-18 Lbs)

Up &Amp; Up Diapers (Size 2 (37 Count) 12-18 Lbs)

Up & Up
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  • Contoured Shape

  • Hypoallergenic, Aloe and Vitamin D

  • Free of Petroleum Based Lotions

  • Hook and Loop Fastener

  • Adjustable waist

  • Size : Size 2 (37 Count) 12-18 lbs

Let's face it, changing diapers is not exactly a child rearing highlight. It's a dirty job and everyone has to do it! Take it from us, up & up diapers with their Cotton Enhanced dryness layer make the process easier and more comfortable for you and your little one. Isn't everything better with a little cotton? Designed for a baby's sensitive skin, up & up diapers are soft inside and out and will wrap your baby in comfort, plus keep them dry. They feature a hypoallergenic inner liner and our Soft-Stretch waist and sides that will move with your little one as they start to explore. This stretch system coupled with our liquid resistent dual leg cuffs provide a great fit that will help prevent leaks. up & up diapers are naturally latex, fragrance and elemental chlorine free so they are gentle enough for your baby's skin. We care so much about protecting your child that we've had a board certified toxocologist test all of our materials for safety.